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We Are Land Development Specialists

That means that we specialize in identifying and contracting land that has residential development potential. Once we identify a property that has development potential, we work with the property owner to secure top market value for their property. We do this by using our expertise and knowledge to guide the property through the often complex and intimidating land use approval process.

Our end goal is to realize the actual development value of a property. This means that once all development approvals are in place, we can substantially raise the market value of a property, thereby netting the seller a higher payout at the closing table than if the same property was sold as-is.

This analogy often helps sellers better understand the value that we can provide:

A raw diamond extracted from a mine may have some value as-is. However, a skilled diamond cutter can use their knowledge of the diamond cutting process and can take that raw diamond and substantially increase its value by cutting and polishing it in a specific way. Similarly, like a diamond, a property owner’s land becomes more valuable as a Land Development Specialist takes the land through the various stages of the land use approval process.

It is important to note that our interests as Land Development Specialists are aligned with the property owner and as such we strive to create win-win situations. We are both seeking to maximize the value of the land, and as we maximize the value of the land by gaining the necessary development approvals, we can pay the property owner a higher amount for their property. We realize that most property owners are unfamiliar with the complexities of the residential land use approval process, so we strive to operate with transparency and we enjoy educating property owners as we take their land through the approval process.

Below are the typical phases that we go through in order to maximize the value of your property (timelines may vary depending on the property’s jurisdiction):

1) Contract Initiation (60-90 days) Following mutual acceptance of the contract, we will begin our Feasibility Study. During the Feasibility Study, our engineering consultants will prepare layout options for the subdivision of your property. We will present the layout that maximizes your property’s potential to the Jurisdiction for review and comment in a “Pre-application Conference”. If necessary, layout changes will be made to satisfy any of the Jurisdiction’s concerns. It is through this process that we will solidify your property’s development potential. 

2) Prepare Land Use Application (45-90 days) Our engineering consultants, along with the rest of our team, will work to gather information from the site. This information, along with the layout, is considered the “Land Use Application” and makes up your property’s application for development. During this time, there will be a number of consultants on your property for various types of reviews that may include, but are not limited to, surveys, traffic studies, utility plans, drainage and erosion control, etc.

3) Application Deemed Complete (30-60 days) Upon receipt of the application, the Jurisdiction will have 30 days to deem it complete. During this period, the Jurisdiction will review the application material to be certain they have received all items needed to properly review and approve the subdivision. If the Jurisdiction decides it needs additional information, the 30-day period may begin again. 

4) Application Approval (60-120 days) Once the application is deemed complete, the Jurisdiction will work towards approval of the subdivision “Preliminary Plat Approval”. Depending on the type of project, this process may include Hearings Officer Review, Planning Commission Approval, and/or City Council Approval.

5) Prepare Subdivision Engineering (45-90 days) After preliminary plat approval, our engineering consultants will begin the project’s civil engineering. This is the development’s construction plans and it includes specific locations for the subdivision’s utilities and amenities. 

6) Engineering Approval (45-120 days) The Jurisdiction will review the civil engineering plans and work with our engineers on the necessary changes. Following final approval of the plans, the Jurisdiction will hold a meeting with us, our construction contractor, and our engineering consultant to review the construction schedule and process. At this point construction can begin.

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